My name is Jillian and I love to make jewelry!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved rocks!  Growing up on a small South Texas farm, we had a lot of sand.  My parents would bring in loads of crushed rock to stabilize our long driveway up to our house.  I would spend hours on that driveway combing through the crushed rock looking for crystals.  It was one of my favorite pastimes.

As I got older, I studied rocks and loved earth science in school, because much of it was geology.  When I was 13, my dad bought me a little bead loom.  He was doing some leather working, and thought I might like to try something creative.  I created several small projects, but never really gained a love for the loom.  My love was still rocks.

Fast forward many years, I got a bad infection in my earring holes that left me unable to wear earrings.  I decided to try to make my own with sterling silver and treat them with alcohol and antibacterial cream.  It worked and I was once again able to wear all the earrings I desired.  But that sent me on a path.  I found that I really loved making jewelry.  I would make stuff for friends and family, and everyone loved my creations.  My wonderful husband convinced me to start selling my jewelry.

Today, I make pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets.  I work with sterling silver and gold-filled material, as well as genuine gemstone beads and Swarovski crystal.  I’ve ventured into precious metal clay and want to do more metal smithing.  I’m always interested in learning new things, so we will see where my craft takes me.

For now, I love seeing my creations on happy customers and hope they love their jewelry as much as I loved making it for them!